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Welcome to the Vira Sadhana Tantric Preservation Project

The tradition of Yoga stems back thousands of years, first passed on through oral tradition, and then laboriously recorded on palm leaf and paper manuscripts. With a limited lifespan of a few hundred years, it was necessary for scribes to recopy the rare manuscripts before they were destroyed through the natural decay of time. Today, with the advent of technology and fast paced culture, hundreds of thousands of rare manuscripts are being neglected as they crumble into dust, improperly housed in various libraries and private collections throughout India. It is literally a race against time before these valuable records of ancient wisdom are lost forever. To date this project has successfully preserved 450+ rare books and manuscripts. This is only a small fraction of the monumental task which lays ahead.

Although there is substantial growing interest at present by scholars and general public alike in the esoteric traditions of India.  It remains that the majority of manuscripts existing in India are now only starting to be documented.  Only a small percentage of them have been actually published, yet alone translated into modern languages.  Meanwhile manuscripts are corroding into dust from improper storage, handling and the general decay of time. 

The situation with books is not much better, many important texts were published in the late 1800s and early 1900s during the time of the British Raj.   Most were only published in limited quantity and are becoming very challenging to find at present.

With your help this project seeks to raise $250,000 in funds to support the collection and preservation of this priceless corpus of ancient wisdom.
Use of Funds:
- Build a climate controlled Library to house the collection.
- Purchase digital imaging equipment, microfilm reader/scanner/printer, binding machine.
- Travel through India digitally photographing rare tantric manuscripts and private libraries.
- Purchase rare Tantric books, Manuscripts and Microfiche facsimiles.
- Build an ashram / retreat for permanent research and application of this ancient branch of knowledge.


Donate via bank wire transfer, check or paypal
Make a one time donation of your choice
Financial donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.
We have a long list of rare books, manuscripts & microfilms to purchase.
Any amount you donate will be used to help preserve the tantric tradition.


Thank you for supporting the Virasadhana Tantric Preservation Project

Your financial donation is greatly appreciated